Royal Navy To Issue Sailors With PSPs

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Britain's Royal Navy have begun handing out PlayStation Portables to sailors in the fleet, not so they can work on their (Final Fantasy) Tactics, but so they can "study".


A report in The Times says they'll be used to "read and listen to coursework and practise on-screen tests in confined quarters". It follows a recommendation from Britain's maritime warfare school at HMS Collingwood in, Hampshire, England, aimed at encouraging students to do a little more study, and a little less of the other stuff they'd been doing instead of study, which had recently led to as many of 25% of electrical engineer students dropping out and re-taking courses.

Call me Doubting Thomas, but the PSP sounds like one of the worst devices on earth for the tasks at hand behind notebooks, netbooks, laptops and even the DS. Wonder how much it cost Sony for a little militaristic sponsorship?


Navy hopes the PlayStation will help officers sail through exams [The Times]

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I'd have gone with the iPhone. Plenty of learning software for it, and it'd be somewhat easy for them to get the apps they want for the soldiers on it, and it has useful secondary features when they aren't on active duty. Plus, it's a bit smaller, a bit more versatile, and less mentally associated with gaming. And I think you can get it for around the same price as the PSPGo (I know the touch is under $150 for old models, not sure on the iPhone though)