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Royal Family PS4 Watch: Prince William Still Does Not Have A PS4

Illustration for article titled Royal Family PS4 Watch: Prince William Still Does Not Have A PS4

We can confirm that as of today, November 18, 2013, the Duke of Cambridge Prince William Arthur Philip Louis does not have a PlayStation 4.


Prince William would like a PlayStation 4, but he does not yet have one, for even the Earl of Strathearn is subject to the iron rule of a small human being who must be fed and cared for at all hours of the day, an activity that takes priority to the purchase and usage of a PlayStation 4.

"It's very addictive," said the Baron Carrickfergus, who does not yet have a PlayStation 4 but may get one in the near future, dependent upon both the wishes of his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge Catherine Elizabeth "Kate" née Middleton, and the behavior of his infant son, His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge, who was born in July of the Year of Our Lord 2013 and has not yet expressed any interest in a PlayStation 4.


"I'd like to get one but I'm not sure how my wife would feel about it," Prince William added.

Although we have been unable to confirm whether any other members of the Royal Family have purchased or are interested in purchasing a next-generation video-game console, we can confirm that actress Mia Farrow does indeed have a PS4.

Keep your eyes on Kotaku as we continue to follow the Royal Family PS4 Watch.

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Why would a diplomatic representative of both the British royal family and the UK in general waste time on a gaming console?

I'm sure his taxpayer funded, inherited lifestyle provides way better opportunities for unwinding than gaming like the slobs he is supposed to speak for. Fuck, I'm sure he has helicopters he can take for a spin if he gets bored.

In other news, the royal family is still a fucked up institution that has no business existing in a secular democratic society.