Rockstar Trailer Editor Job Post: 'Not a position for the casual gamer'

There’s nothing altogether shocking that Rockstar Games might be looking to hiring another person to edit trailers for them. It’s no confirmation of a new Red Dead, people! But it is fun to see what they’re going for, what with their style of trailer that always uses in-game footage.


Trailer Editor
Rockstar New York - New York, NY

Rockstar NYC are looking for a highly capable and experienced video editor who can capture game footage and edit video game trailers to the highest standard. Must have experience editing high quality trailers in either film, video games, or both. Familiarity with and a passion for games is a MUST. Part of the trailer making process is shooting scenes in a virtual 3D world using proprietary tools. You will need to be not only an editor but a director and cinematographer as well. If you haven’t purchased a video game in the last year or worked on 3D digital animation, this position isn’t for you. This is not a position for the casual gamer. It is one for the tech geek who loves games and has top notch editing skills.

Storytelling is a very important aspect of our games, so the applicant must be able to communicate the emotional content and excitement of a game within a 60 second format.

The applicant will be primarily responsible for initiating concepts, directing game capture artists and editing trailers, as well as working on TV commercials and other marketing and production based materials. People skills and working as part of a team is of equal importance to creative ability. Fluency in avid software is preferred. The ability to take direction, and maintain a positive attitude under pressure is crucial; but the applicant must also have the ability to work independently, self direct and take ownership of a project where necessary.

  • Editing of high-end marketing materials in both a supervised and unsupervised capacity.
  • Working within a team to develop the best assets possible.
  • Taking responsibility for projects and self producing/directing when necessary, or working closely with a director to realize a specific vision.
  • 5+ years of editing experience in short form work with a clear emphasis on trailers and commercials.
  • Full knowledge of the avid media composer interface.
  • Working knowledge of Xbox and/or PS controllers. If you aren’t playing games, you can’t make video game trailers.
  • A reel that demonstrates an ability to make materials of varying styles.
Additional Information Providing a reel is a MUST. Candidates who cannot show examples of their work need not apply.
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Of course. Underneath the enjoyment is a very hard job for only talented and hard working people. Just because someone says, “I want to go into game design” doesn’t mean they’re God’s gift to the industry. I would expect Rockstar to have some high expectations.