There's a new coming. And while we wouldn't normally get excited about what the web development team at Harmonix is plugging away at โ€” no offense, guys and gals โ€” what they have planned for Rock Band 2's arrival is something to write home about. Some of those promised features we've been pining for, including the Merch Booth that will allow us to make t-shirts, stickers, and posters based on our in-game band, give us that warm Web 2.0 feeling. There's more, including the new Photocreator mode, giving us sexy shots of our virtual band (the Eggplant Wizards) and an extensive (extensive) database on all of the game's downloadable music. And there's more. For the full list of what's coming to the new, hit up the forums for a detailed look. An All-New is Coming! [Rock Band Forums - thanks, Smidget!]