Rock Band Unplugged Dated

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Rock Band Unplugged, the Harmonix co-developed PSP take on Rock Band, is coming to PSPs this summer. It's trading pricey plastic peripherals for free ones: your hands.

The first portable console Rock Band, Rock Band Unplugged tracks will be broken down into "phrases" which the player must beat-match perfectly to score multipliers and use the PSP's directional pad and buttons to play along with guitar, bass, drum and vocal tracks.

RB Unplugged features 40 master recording, including nine brand new tracks for the PSP version:

3 Doors Down - "Kryptonite"
AFI - "Miss Murder"
Alice in Chains - "Would?"
Audioslave - "Gasoline"
Black Tide - "Show Me the Way"
Blink 182 - "What's My Age Again"
Freezepop - "Less Talk More Rokk"
Jackson 5 - "ABC"
Tenacious D - "Rock Your Socks"


These tracks will eventually make their way to other platforms. Rock Bank Unplugged launches on June 9 in both North America and Europe. It will be priced at US$39.99 for North America. There's also a limited edition PSP bundle complete with Rock Band Unplugged branded PSP, the game, a voucher to download Paramount Pictures' School of Rock from the PlayStation Store and a 4GB Memory Stick PRO Duo. All yours for $199.99.

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Looks like it plays similar to Frequency & Amplitude which are both fantastic rythym games that never quite made the waves they deserved. Hopefully this will find an audience based on it's branding because Harmonix knows what they're doing in terms of controller-based music rythym games.