Harmonix and MTV today announced that Rock Band Track Pack Volume 2 will be with us all very shortly. A standalone title, it'll come with 20 songs, some excellent, some regrettable, and will be out on all consoles - including 360 and PS3 this time around - on November 17. As with Rock Band 2, if you're buying this on 360 or PS3 and want to copy the songs to your HDD instead of changing discs, you'll be able to. The pack will sell for $30, click through to check out the full tracklist. β€’ "Afterlife" β€” Avenged Sevenfold β€’ "Call Me" β€” Blondie β€’ "El Scorcho" β€” Weezer β€’ "Girl U Want" β€” Devo β€’ "Girls Who Play Guitars" β€” Maximo Park β€’ "Indestructible" β€” Disturbed β€’ "It Hurts" β€” Angels & Airwaves β€’ "Just What I Needed" β€” The Cars β€’ "Message in a Bottle" β€” The Police β€’ "Monkey Gone to Heaven" β€” Pixies β€’ "Rio" β€” Duran Duran β€’ "Saints of Los Angeles" β€” Motley Crue β€’ "Simple Man" β€” Lynyrd Skynyrd β€’ "Snow (Hey Oh)" β€” Red Hot Chili Peppers β€’ "The Perfect Drug" β€” Nine Inch Nails β€’ "This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race" β€” Fall Out Boy β€’ "Time Is Running Out" β€” Papa Roach β€’ "Why Do You Love Me" β€” Garbage β€’ "You've Got Another Thing Comin'" β€” Judas Priest β€’ "Zero" β€” Smashing Pumpkins