Rock Band Songs Are About To Start Disappearing. Get 'Em While You Can.

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Nothing lasts forever. That goes double for music licensed to appear in video games.


Harmonix has had to make the sad, if not entirely unexpected announcement today that the first of their licensing agreements for Rock Band DLC is about to expire.

The DLC in question is the Metallica pack, released in November 2007, that includes Ride The Lightning, And Justice For All and Blackened.

It's already gone from the Rock Band store, and will disappear from the PSN and Xbox Live "soon".

To their credit, Harmonix says that where possible they're "hard at work extending these licenses to make sure that this has as small an impact on the community as possible", but not every song/pack will be saved.

Metallica may be first to go, then, but other artists and songs will soon follow.

Note that this only means you can't purchase them new. If you already own them, they'll stay yours, and you should even be able to re-download them if need be.


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Prof. Bananas Goldsteinberg

Better start downloading everything that I still need to. There's not much left I don't have that I wanted (I'm at almost 600 songs now), but I don't want to miss out.