Activision looks to have the upper this round, as Guitar Hero World Tour will out-feature Rock Band 2 at least in the custom song creation department. Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos confirms to CNN that the sequel to Rock Band won't allow users to write their own music. That said, Rigopulos does hint that a comparible feature is coming, but not in the same way that Guitar Hero developer Neversoft is tackling it.

"We're taking a radically different approach to that problem," he tells CNN. "It's something we wanted to take more time to do it right." Instead, Rigopulos says that the team at Harmonix is focused on community and other unspecified areas.

Harmonix bigwigs have gone on record in the past, saying that using user-created and custom track technology โ€” as is done is Harmonix's iPod game Phase โ€” may be applied to Rock Band in the future.

Get ready to jam with 'Rock Band 2' [CNN - thanks, Max!]