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Just like SingStar has done with great success, Harmonix are now looking at increasing the number of localised tracks on the world's various Rock Band stores. That means more British bands, more German bands, more Swedish bands, more Australian bands, etc etc etc. Speaking with GameStop, Harmonix's Dan Teasdale (who is Australian, hence the Aussie slant on this) says:

I think there are bands that are big enough to survive, like Jet, Silverchair, that kind of stuff. I think is a no-brainer to put on the platform because they're known bands. I think it's more stuff like Regurgitator where nobody knows outside of Australia. At the same time they fit it perfectly. That's one of the cool things about the music store, it's less risk for us than putting it on the disc so we can takes chances with Australian content, or unearthed content, kind of the same way we did Jimmy Buffet in the US. That was our first test of going a little outside what we'd usually do, and it went really well, so I think you'll see more stuff like that.


Well played, Harmonix. And Dan, may I make a suggestion? More Monty, please. Q&A: Harmonix on The Beatles, AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack [GameSpot]

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