Amateur musician summer camp Power Chord Academy is using Rock Band and Guitar Hero in two new courses designed for "the new age of musicians," those who happen to play Rock Band or Guitar Hero.

GameRockers is a three-day program that has kids competing for prizes by forming bands, writing and recording songs and finally squaring off in a Battle of the Bands. So, it's just like real life — if real life were Camp Rock with Jonas Brothers.

Here's part of the press release:

GameROCKERS™ is our exclusive 3-day cutting edge game-musician program for the new age of musicians who play Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Loaded with competitions and prizes, students play in bands, write songs, record songs, and play a final concert and Battle of the Bands!

iROCKER™ is our 1-day version of the GameROCKERS program. Also loaded with competitions and prizes, these students get a 1-day course filled with fun, competition, Battle of the Bands, training and prizes. Move over Beethoven, here come the 21st Century Digital iROCKERS!

We're proud to be the first and only to offer such programs!