Rock Band 2 Lead Designer Calls Us Out

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Harmonix's Dan Teasdale wants to make sure that folks attend the "History of Harmonix" panel at PAX this weekend so badly that he's narrowly avoided calling down a world of hurt upon himself in the process. He's issued challenges to various members of the media, the development community, and his game's chief rivals in an attempt to drum up some attendance.

I challenge Kotaku's Mike Fahey, Wired's Chris Kohler, and Destructoid's Nick Chester to an arm wrestle. Mike is allowed to substitute for Cresente if he can't make it, but in that case I'm allowed to take my elbow off the table and Brian isn't - Crescente looks like he works out, so I need any advantage I can get.


Obviously Mr. Teasdale has never seen a group shot of the Kotaku crew, or he'd know exactly how relieved he should be that Crecente is attending PAX and not me. Not only am I huge, but I own a copy of "Over The Top" on DVD. Check out his blog post for the rest of the challenges, including a manly hug between rhythm game developers, as well as details on Rock Band 2's new Tour Challenges. PAX and Tour Challenges [Rock Band Blogs - Thanks Smidget!]

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This is easily the funniest thing I've read all day.

"* I challenge any members of the Guitar Hero: World Tour, SingStar, and Rock Revolution development teams to a manly hug/complement off. First person to pull away or stall on a compliment loses."


I'd pay money for someone to video tape this one. Of course we know the GH:WT people are going to lose because no one will have anything good to say about their game. :p *BoomBoomCrah*