Rock Band 2 Announced

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Shocker! Harmonix has done and made Rock Band 2. The game will be out on the Xbox 360 this September, and the PS3 later this year. The sequel will feature a new set list, and the RB2 bundle will feature "quieter, more realistic, and more reliable instruments" says Lead Designer Dan Teasdale. The good news for those who already own Rock Band is that all the songs you've purchases so far will be playable and supported in Rock Band 2. As far as Harmonix is concerned, there's no difference between "Rock Band 1 DLC" and "Rock Band 2 DLC" — we're just releasing awesome songs every week onto the Rock Band platform, all of which are playable by the Rock Band titles that support DLC," says Teasdale. The sequel will offer folks a new way to play the DLC they currently own, however. Sure, Rock Band 2 should come as no surprise, but it does sound like Harmonix is pushing things forward. Teasdale points out:

We've been working hard with Microsoft and Sony to develop a way to share content between games, and we're really happy that we'll be the first game to support fully functional cross-title DLC.


The game will get its official debut at this year's E3. Looking forward to it.

Rock Band 2: The Opening Act [IGN Thanks everyone who sent this in!]



I'm pretty sure the time gap between GH2 and GH3/Rock Band was just around a year too. It's not like they're really changing the engine or the graphics, it's just new songs and new chunks of plastic.