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Robots We Love: Pin*Bot

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While video game robots are all well and good, it takes a special sort of robot to carry a pinball game. Sure, he may bear a striking resemblance to Cobra Commander, but we love Pin*Bot.


Pin*Bot originates from the 1986 Williams pinball table of the same name. As you attempt to advance your silver ball from Pluto to the Sun, Pin-Bot is always watching you, even before you fire a couple of pinballs into his empty eye sockets, causing him to intone "Now I see you." He is an iconic figure in pinball history, spawning two sequels - The Machine: Bride of Pin*Bot and Jack*Bot - along with a video game version for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Pin*Bot is a genuine gaming robot pioneer, with a hot wife to boot.

Illustration for article titled Robots We Love: Pin*Bot


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I remember playing Pinbot at an Aladdin's Castle arcade that was at a small indoor mall (Southland Mall, south Columbus OH) about 15 years ago. I enjoyed it a lot.

Right now I have this for the NES (Rare programmed it) and in the Williams Collection for the PS2. Only place I've seen Bride of Pinbot was an emulated version for the Future Pinball project. Never seen Jack*bot, however.