Robotic Admiral Ackbar Cosplay Isn't a Trap, it's a Masterpiece

This isn't just an Admiral Ackbar suit. That would be too easy. This Admiral Ackbar cosplay outfit is part-man, part-Mon Calamari and part-robot.

Artist, sculptor and costume builder Tom Cuthbert is the genius behind (most of) this costume, which features an animatronic suite (installed by Daniel Valdez) in the head to power the Alliance Admiral's eyes, made even more impressive by the fact it's powered by the wearer's facial motions.


You can see the suit in action at this year's DragonCon here, while there are more shots of the outfit below.

Ackbar, it's a trap!!! finished costume !![The RPF]

Admiral Ackbar - animatronic demo v1.0 [YouTube, via Fashionably Geek]

One Eyed Tom [Tom Cuthbert]

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