Robot Gives The Finger To Portable Touch Screens

If you've ever played a game on a touch screen device, you know just how important it is that the screen recognize, perfectly, what you're stylus or finger is up to at any given moment.

And, it turns out, that one touch screen is not like another, according to this touchy robot and its tests of a slew of touch screen phones.

The techologist think tank over at Labs.Moto.Com devised a special test to track just how precise a variety of touch screen phones are because they too know the importance of touchy devices.


The team wrote a script for their lab robot and then used its bone-less finger to draw precise lines across six different phones, including the game-friendly iPhone.

Despite my total inability to write a single error-free sentence on an iPhone, it turns out that Apple's device was most accurate with the Google Nexus One and Palm Pre as distant runners-up.

I would LOVE to see how Nintendo's DS line fares in this test.

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Robot Touchscreen Analysis [Labs Moto]

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No surprise here. The only people who hate iPhones are people who have never bothered to try them.