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Why Modern Warfare 3 Remains an Un-Game

Republished from Rock, Paper Shotgun.
Last Wednesday Kotaku republished (with permission, of course) my review of Modern Warfare 3′s single player campaign. More »


The Best Part of Fighting Games? The Stupid Quotes.

There's a charm to fighting games that's irresistible. I mean, aside from all the face-punching, the character rosters are usually insane, and there's a tongue-in-cheek vibe that runs deep through most titles in the genre.
Nowhere is this more evident than in the stupid little quotes you get after... More »


These PS3 Ads Built a Real Holodeck. It's Amazing.

You know Star Trek's holodeck? If not, here is Star Trek's holodeck. Anyway, once the property of science fiction, some advertisers have actually built one for a PlayStation 3 commercial.
As you'll see, there is no post-production work being done on the footage. More »


Kinectimals Isn't Cute, It's Terrifying

You might think Microsoft's Kinectimals (actually developed by the guys who made Lostwinds), is for kids. It's all cuddles and sunshine. Nunh unh. It's a killer. More »

First Image of Brand New Square Enix RPG. Do You Give a Hoot?

Square Enix is working on a brand new role-playing game that isn't Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest. Pointing that out makes it sure seem like Square Enix only makes FF and DQ. More »



It Might Soon be Cool to Jailbreak Your Consoles

It's totally cool to "jailbreak" an iPhone to get around its DRM. Apple may not like that, but the courts say otherwise, so it has to abide. Video game consoles? More »


Damn Good Japanese Socks Allow People To Wear Shoes Indoors

Every year since 1957, the Good Design Award (aka "G Mark") has been awarded to a standout Japanese product. The award marks excellence in Japanese design. More »


A Tabletop Version of SimCity is Only a 3D Printer Away

Skimbal, a man who knows his way around a 3D printer (ie a box of magic), has been designing templates letting anyone with access to such sorcery print out tiny replicas of the buildings from SimCity 2000.
Which means, yes, you can print off actual SimCity...cities. More »


Minecraft: The Kotaku Review

For all that's been written about Minecraft over the past few years, you'd think it was one of the greatest video games ever created, a liberating experience that's showing big-budget game developers what the public really wants and helping revolutionise the way games are developed and sold.
In... More »


A Music Video Cosplaying as the iPhone's Most Awesome Games

Australian band Hey Geronimo have made a video that stars most of the iPhone's biggest and most recognisable games. Well, it stars the members of the band dressed up as most of the iPhone's biggest and most recognisable games.
The Plants vs Zombies is amazing.
Brisbane Band Replicate Every iPhone... More »

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