A St. Petersburg, Florida man tried—and failed miserably—to rob a convenience store by subjecting the clerk to the business end of a PlayStation controller, reports Bay 9 News. His mistake?

By performing said robbery in the presence of "a police officer who walked into the store in the middle of the robbery," according to police. Cameron Pittman (not pictured) was arrested by St. Petersburg police after attempting to play the staff of the Sun Food convenience store. Whether he had the gumption to perform said robbery with a DualShock controller or whether he got his hands on a more threatening PlayStation Move shooting attachment the report doesn't specify.

Bay 9 News simply refers to it as "a Sony Playstation remote control."

Pittman will be charged with strong-arm robbery and violation of probation.

Police: Man tried to rob store with game remote [Bay 9 News - thanks, Robert!]