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Risqué Sex Game Back On Steam, With Censor Bars This Time

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

After being pulled from Valve’s storefront over sexual content, House Party, the controversial YouTube hit, is now back on Steam. The new version of the game has prominent censor bars.

House Party is a game about going to a party and completing quests for sexy results, like finding a girl some whip-its. Its risqué subject matter attracted popular YouTubers like Jacksepticeye and NerdCubed to the game and it became a hit, though it was later removed from Steam. The game’s development studio, Eek! Games, said, “a number of complaints that were sent to Steam about the game,” chief among them, “pornography.”


Today, the game is back in a censored form. The game will now force a large censor bar with some cheeky text on it over sexual content. “I’m happy to say that the entire story of the game is 100% in tact [sic], and there have been no changes made to the content of the game,” Eek said in a blog post from July 29th. “The issue was specifically with the portrayal of sex acts. I know a lot of people are coming down hard on Steam for this, but it was expressed to me during the course of my exchange to them that they are also held to rules and regulations of their own, and they are just trying to do the best they can.”


Eek have also provided a patch that will return to game to it’s uncensored version, saying, “It’s the best that we are able to do given the current situation … It’s not ideal, but the alternative was that we would not be able to return to Steam, and if the game doesn’t grow, it makes it harder for us to hire on and make the game better.” This is a common solution for 18+ visual novels on Steam, like Nekopara or Huniepop.

During my brief time with the game I didn’t get to see any big tity bappos, but the raunchy, Leisure Suit Larry atmosphere was obvious from the get go. And, like most house parties I attend, I attempted to get a girl a drink and a straight edge dude punched me in the head until I passed out.