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Risk Factions Invading Facebook with Donkey Cannons and Mermaids on Segways

Illustration for article titled emRisk Factions/em Invading Facebook with Donkey Cannons and Mermaids on Segways

Risk Factions, EA's mutation of the classic board game of world domination, is coming to Facebook, bringing the war between humans, zombies, cats, yetis and robots to your social circle.


Spencer Brooks, creative designer on the browser-based port of Risk Factions, which was first released on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network in 2010, says this instance of the Risk spin-off promises "the best player versus player of any social game out there."

"We're going for total ownage here," Brooks says, adding "we won't have watermelon farming in our social game."


Brooks said at an EA event today that Risk Factions for Facebook will add "a whole set of special weapons that add a great level of strategy to the game," including donkey cannons, mermaids on segways and cat dander bombs, each unique to one of the strategy game's factions.

Risk Factions for Facebook is currently in beta testing. It's "coming soon" to the masses who want to pit cat versus zombie with the people they poke.

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This game was fun on Live, I just wish they'd fix the bug where if you freeze a territory and then someone wipes out all that other persons territories before their turn comes up again the game is just stuck because that person's last territory is frozen and they can't do anything and the game won't let them advance. Annoying, but otherwise the game is a blast.