Not for Square Enix. Final Fantasy VII character designer and current Square Enix bigwig Tetsuya Nomura spoke with Japanese game magazine Famitsu about the much desired FFVII.

In the interview, Nomura stated that the Final Fantasy must surmount the old FF games.

Nomura acknowledged that there was considerable fan interest in a Final Fantasy VII remake.

"New Final Fantasy games take precedence over a FFVII remake," said Nomura.

The goal, Nomura added, was to make games that rivaled or possibly surpassed Final Fantasy VII.


That's an admirable goal, but most would simply be happy with a Final Fantasy VII. For those of you who cannot wait, here's a HD remastering of the original game.

スクエニ野村氏「FFVIIリメイクより新たなFFを優先し、VIIを超えられるよう頑張る」 ユフィやティファ、エアリスに関する秘話も [ゲーム情報!ゲームのはなし]