Right At Home On Hoth

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More like AT Ice-T | AT-AT ice sculpture made with a chisel and chainsaw. Seen this weekend in Bend, Ore., photo by Bill Linn..)


The Call of Duty Game That Never Was

I love behind-the-scenes insights into the making of my favorite games. Although I usually watch or read them after I'm finished with a title, instead of before one is released, I enjoy reading and watching the stories of the production itself.
Any successful game, large or small, takes a... More »

BioWare's Boss Defends Harassed Writer

Yesterday we posted about Jennifer Hepler, one of BioWare's writers who has unfortunately been receiving a lot of hate over the Internet. Today BioWare's co-founder, Dr. More »

Game Critics Say Asura's Wrath is Definitely One to Watch


In Asura's Wrath developer CyberConnect2 aimed to create a game that played like Japanese animation. Judging by the early reviews, someone forgot to tell them that you don't actively play Japanese animation. More »

The PlayStation Vita: The Kotaku Review


If you're in a hurry, you simply need to know that the PlayStation Vita is a very good portable video game machine that excels in ways that Sony hasn't bothered to hype. More »

Syndicate: The Kotaku Review


The year is 2069. The government as we know it is obsolete. In its place are various syndicates, all racing to develop the most advanced bio-digital implants that allow their host to connect to the dataverse, and even control it. More »

The 7 Best Games For the PlayStation Vita


The PlayStation Vita is the $250 handheld that either the world desperately needed or needed not at all. It could go either way in this era of rampant cell phone gaming, where many games are played with nary the press of a button or flick of a stick. More »

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That AT AT is awesome! How did he get the white lines though? Are they carved in or something he put on it? I can't tell. It almost looks like frosting.