Ridge Racer Stops Trying To Launch Consoles

Since 1994, every major Sony console has launched with an installment of Namco Bandai's (in)famous arcade racing franchise. There were Ridge Racer games at the launch of the Nintendo DS, 3DS and Microsoft's Xbox 360 as well. This generation? Nothing. Meanwhile, on iOS and Android...

Ridge Racer celebrates its 20th year in existence on a platform that's only been a going concern for around five or six with Ridge Racer Slipstream. It's the fourth mobile game in the series, and will likely be played by more people than ever would have picked it up for the Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

As is tradition with the franchise, the game comes with 20 tracks, which is actually just 10 with the ability to drive them backwards. It's only got 12 cars, but you can customize the hell out of those cars and compete in 108 different racing competitions across six Grand Prix Series.


Ridge Racer Slipstream is coming to iOS and Android on December 19, where there are people who'll appreciate it. It'l have a little cake with 20 candles on it too, and none of you consoles are invited so there.


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