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He's been trying to get this off the ground for years now, but last week PayPal founder Peter Thiel took one step closer to his dream of building an aquatic utopia populated solely by rich/smart/weird folks "who wish to demonstrate new ways of living together". So, yeah, Rapture.


And we all know how well that worked.

Thiel's Seasteading Institute ran an IndieGogo campaign that closed last Friday, raising funds for a design for their planned floating city, which would be parked somewhere off the coast of San Francisco.

Before you get too concerned, this is a long way from getting done. Like, it'll never happen. The amount of money they'd need to build something like this is astronomical - it's why floating cities don't, you know, already exist somewhere - and crowdsourcing campaigns coupled with diplomacy aren't going to get anywhere near the needed amount.


Peter Thiel’s Dream of a Lawless Utopia Floats On [Valleywag]

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