To: Ash From: Crecente Re: Aw Crud, Effing MacBook Pro Crapped Out Join the club on your laptop. I had to get a replacement laptop right before TGS and I returned home from Japan to find my desktop dead. I think we're just too hard on our computers. The chips can only handle so much awesome. :) Man, I was just looking at our review schedule. Even just touching on the games coming out over the next month, we’re going to be running at least a review a day. I’ve got tons of games I have to play through over the next two weeks and sadly none of them are Fallout 3, Fable II or Far Cry 2. So painful! Well no matter what, I’m making time for Left 4 Dead dammit. What games are you looking forward to this holiday rush? What you missed: MTV And Apple Corps. Join Forces For Beatles Music Game Backtalk in EA's Forums, Get Banned From Your Games? Blizzard's Midnight Wrath Of The Lich King Plans You Gotta Have Faith: Does Style Beat Out Realism Sony Patents Ultrasonic Waggle Controller Technology LittleBigPlanet Review: Play, Create... Share? Frankenreview: Fallout 3 Electronic Arts Lays Off Six Hundred EA Loses $310 Million, Sees "Weakness At Retail" In October


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