Review Round Up: Wranglin', Wrestlin' & Racin'

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It was a week of "transmedia" entertainment in the world of Kotaku reviews, with big games like UFC Undisputed 2010 and Red Dead Redemption (finally!) reviewed alongside new books and movies. What's next? Reviews of chicken sandwiches?!

Red Dead Redemption Review: Feel Good Outlaws
Our most glowing review of the week goes to Rockstar's wild west open world adventure, with its stellar single-player and great online dust-ups. Bugs and nitpicks aside, highly rewarding.


ModNation Racers Review: Where The Vinyl Meets The Road
Budding racing game designers should pay close attention to United Front's "Play, Create, Share" kart racer, the LittleBigPlanet of arcade-style driving games.

UFC Undisputed 2010 Review: A Light Heavyweight Rematch
THQ's annual MMA sim excels at delivering a punch, but its online mode is hardly a knockout.


Prince Of Persia: The Sands of Time Movie Review
It's not the Citizen Kane or even the Batman Begins of video game movies, but for a popcorn flick with all the Jake Gyllenhaal and Ben Kingsley eye-candy you crave, PoP delivers.


The Art Of Uncharted 2 Review: Glossy, Glossy
Would you spend $300 to look at the gorgeous art of Kotaku's Game of the Year for 2009? We tell you if it's trash or treasure.


Metal Torrent Micro-Review: Not As Good As A Coinstar
It may not be as much fun as turning coins into dollar bills, but Arika's downloadable shoot 'em up does meet the genre's basic requirements—space ships shoot, things blow up.

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I just got 100% on my first RDR playthrough last night. I always had John take the good path wherever possible. Though I did get irked by folks a few times and acted accordingly :P

But I'm itching to play through again now and have John be as dickish as he can and see how that pans out. I also waited until my first entire play through before I used my Warhorse code, sort of as a little trophy for myself.

But man, what a fantastic game. Loved every second of it, like the tension in the wilderness when I first encountered mountain lions, and later bears. Holy crap! I was so nervous skinning out in Tall Trees, that a bear might be about to leap on me right as I finished skinning its brother :o Having to kill one with a knife was borderline exhilarating.

Kudos R*, you've not disappointed me. I look forward to DLC and sequels!