Wondering whether Blur is worth taking for a spin? Does Alpha Protocol feel like a game still in beta? What the hell is X-Scape? Let a week's worth of Kotaku video game reviews answer those questions and more. Round up!!

Alpha Protocol Review: Not Quite The Omega
"The espionage RPG" stumbles its way into our hearts, giving us a chance to fulfill our dreams of role-playing as a spy. If only it were more technically sound...

Blur Review: Rainbow Road Kill
For the racing enthusiast who fondly remembers Mario Kart multiplayer and the neon wilderness thrills of WipEout, the Project Gotham Racing developers offer Blur. We liked it.


Backbreaker Review: The Challenger Crashes
Can Backbreaker compete with Madden? Maybe not, but the NaturalMotion tech in 505 Games' football sim is a winner.

X-Scape Review: The Beauty Of The Old Ugly
How can a game this ugly look this good and get such high praise? PixelJunk creators Q-Games deliver another smashing DSiWare success.


Kometen Review: Languid Pools of Gravity
Is it a game? That's debatable. Is it a review of a fascinating iPhone app? Hell yes.


Bowmaster Micro Review: Shootin' Arrows or Shootin' Errors?
Mastering the bow and arrow may not be the reason you purchased an iPhone, but Bowmaster lets you tap into your inner William Tell. Alright, alright, so he used a crossbow. Whatever!