You would have thought it was Christmas or something. We sure did review a lot of big games this week. We said they were mostly good, but you didn't all believe us.

Doodle Jump Micro-Review: Boing!
In which Brian Ashcraft does one of those all-blue reviews that seem to drive some of you crazy. Downloadable games = micro-reviews. And, people, micro-reviews = three Loves/Hateds. So sometimes you get all blue.

BioShock 2 Review: In Case Of Rapture
In which Michael McWhertor confirms that the worst part of the first Bioshock — "Welcome... to the Circus of Vaaaaalue!" — is GONE from the sequel.

White Knight Chronicles Review: Workin' On Our Knight Moves
In which Michael Fahey knocks a Japanese role-playing game for making it too obvious who the villain is. Oh, they never do that.


Dante's Inferno Review: Big Ideas, Small Problems
In which Brian Crecente assures us that he doesn't want all of his games making a point that sodomy and gluttony are rest stops on the road to Hell.

Heavy Rain Review: No Wrong Conclusion
In which I praised the baby-rocking.


Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars Review: FanFic Comes to Life
In which Crecente really liked the game, but thinks you need at least $130 to enjoy this game as much as he did.

Sins Of A Solar Empire: Diplomacy Micro-Review: Talk Is Cheap
In which Luke Plunkett must go to war, because you forced him to.