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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Return To The Burning Sea For Free

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Flying Lab have been hard at work tweaking their seafaring MMO Pirates of the Burning Sea since launch, and they're inviting old captains back to see if the modified pirate life is for them.

In order to give lapsed players a taste of what they've been missing, Flying Lab and Sony Online Entertainment are extending their free 14-day trial to returning players as well. Those with canceled accounts in good standing will be able to simply log in to check out the expansive changes made to the MMO since launch, including new classes, revamped ship combat, the dueling system, ship insurance, and an enhanced chat system that includes handy chat bubbles.


Check out the community website for a full list of the many changes that might make Pirates of the Burning Sea worth another look-see.

Rejoin the Adventure!

Free 14-day Trial Extended to Previous Pirates of the Burning Sea™ Captains

Like the capricious winds and waters of the high seas, Pirates of the Burning Sea is continually updating and evolving. Since the game launched in January 2008, there have been countless developments that have propelled Pirates of the Burning Sea to a new level. As such, we are proud to share all of our innovative changes by extending our free 14-day trial to our retired captains! Players who joined us in the early stages, but have yet to navigate the waters of the enhanced Pirates of the Burning Sea, are invited to set sail once again!


Over the last eleven months, the crew at Flying Lab Software has worked tirelessly to make Pirates of the Burning Sea more accessible across the board. From new pirate careers, to new cities with stunning graphics, better tutorials, and new group missions for high level players, all renovations are focused on bringing exciting improvements to the game. Players can enjoy revamped avatar combat and missions, dynamic new sword fighting animations, and an improved user interface. With a bigger effort to incorporate community feedback and support interactive game play, Pirates of the Burning Sea has never been more immersive or dynamic.

Check out the link below to read a more comprehensive list of the new features:

We are currently in the last phase of completely revamping Avatar Combat, which combines slashing, tactics, more evenly matched one-on-one battles, and a refitting of the balance based system. Learn more at:

Former players who wish to be a part of the adventure, should log back in! Their accounts have already been reactivated! Players can manage their Station Account by visiting this link:

We look forward to seeing our returning players on the open sea!