Retro Game Master Episode 5: Clock Tower

In this fifth episode of Retro Game Master, our game-testing everyman, Shinya Arino, faces off against Clock Tower.


Clock Tower was released for the Super NES in 1995. Loosely based on Dario Argento's movie Creepers, Clock Tower is a point-and-click game that has players controlling the movements of orphan Jennifer Simpson as she tries to remain calm and evade her deadly stalker, the Scissorman. The game, considered one of the scariest made for the Super NES, has multiple endings.

This first official U.S. airing of the show, known as Game Center CX in Japan, uses dubbing for the announcer's voice and English subtitling for Arino's.

Retro Game Master airs weekly on Kotaku at 8 p.m. eastern on Thursdays. The show and Kotaku reruns will remain on the site for viewing at your leisure throughout the season. Licensing prevents the show from being seen outside of North America.

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there was a movie live from Maison Ikkoku ?

I didn't know ; the movie is apparently from 1986 ...

another great anime from the '80