Just in case you'd forgotten that the Ouya console can play emulated games, a major retailer's advertisement in the UK is only too happy to remind you.


GAME's main Ouya page has a large image showing "a selection of free games" you can try on the Android-powered machine, and one of them is for Super GNES, an emulator that lets you play free (usually illegal) copies of Super Nintendo games.

On Android phones, this has long been the case. It's something Nintendo has just had to put up with. But the Ouya is a home console, which is Nintendo's home turf, and every reminder that the Ouya can play free copies of games Nintendo is trying to sell for money is going to cause problems. Especially when it's coming from a major retailer.

At time of publishing GAME's advertisement for the emulator was still live.

Ouya [GAME, via CVG]

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