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Retail-Exclusive Enslaved Goodies Include Ninja Monkey And Sexy Robot

Illustration for article titled Retail-Exclusive Enslaved Goodies Include Ninja Monkey And Sexy Robot

Ninja Monkey and Sexy Robot? Those two word combinations alone are enough to get many onboard for Namco Bandai's Enslaved: Odyssey to the West when it ships this September, but which power-granting outfits you get depends on where you preorder.


Not only are Enslaved's three premium preorder costumes stunning to look at, they'll also enhance your game. The black Ninja Monkey outfit grants unlimited amounts of rare stun and plasma staff blast ammo. The red and gold Classic Monkey outfit doubles Monkey's melee attack power. As for Sexy Robot Trip, she's so stunning that all stun moves in the game double in duration when she's around.

They all sound great, but you can't have them all. Each is available as downloadable content from preorder codes handed out by different retailers. Ninja Monkey is GameStop, Classic Monkey is WalMart, and Sexy Robot Trip is a Best Buy exclusive.


Or, you could opt for no costumes at all, picking the game up at Target or Future Shop for a free 40-page Marvel mini-comic, or Amazon for the game's soundtrack.

So, if you're buying Enslaved, where are you buying it from?

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Ninja Monkey?!