Retail Deathmatch: DSi XL and Apple iPad Hit the U.S. Within Days of Each Other

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Apple's over-sized iPad will be hitting stores in the U.S. on Saturday, April 3 for WiFi models and later that month for WiFi plus 3G models. All models of the iPad will be available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK in late April.


Pre-orders for U.S. orders of the $499 iPad open up a week from today at both the Apple online and bricks and mortar store.

That's around the same time you can pick up a DSi XL, if you're into oversized things. The DSi XL goes on sale on March 28 for 189.99.

Although the iPad will support iPhone and iPod Touch games, few games designed specifically for the Apple device have been announced.

The DSi XL is in the same boat. Sure, you can pick up a book program or a cooking program designed for the big-screened device, but no games yet.

Apple and Nintendo seem to think big screens are the next big thing for portable, do you agree?



I can't wait to see how quickly these DSi XL's gather dust. I worked the launch of the DSi and can safely say that in three months we sold maybe two units. It's bothersome to me that Nintendo is taking the "hurp durr let's oversaturate lol" approach that got Sega in so much trouble years back. Four consoles on the market at the same time? One of which you have to buy several separate controllers for to get the full experience? And add-ons for each controller to make them work better? And here comes the vitality sensor down the line. Jesus jumped-up Christ, what a mess.