Resonance Of Fate Trailer Takes End Of Eternity, Adds Butt Rock

Sega of America is bringing the tri-Ace-developed role-playing game End of Eternity stateside, renaming it Resonance of Fate for some reason. And it's also apparently jamming in some butt rock.

As evidenced by the newest trailer—still heavy on the pre-rendered CGI—for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 role-playing game, Sega's proud butt rock tradition will continue with Resonance of Fate, which goes from piano and clarinet duet to hot shredding royalty-free rock faster than you can say "What's wrong with the name 'End of Eternity', anyway?"


Hey, ours is not to question why. Ours is just to point and mock.

For reference's sake, please watch the original End of Eternity trailer before viewing the Japanese language free U.S. debut of Resonance of Fate. We think it's worth it. For the context!



End of Eternity and Resonance of Fate are titles on equal levels of suck. The game, however, I'm looking forward to all the while.