We haven't had a year without an Insomniac Games-developed release since 2001, but this year is looking to be both Resistance and Ratchet & Clank-free. At least we have an Insomniac Games announcement to look forward to very soon.

The developer says it will be announcing its next game "sometime between now and the Penny-Arcade Expo over Labor Day weekend." That's good news for fans of the studio behind the Resistance and Ratchet & Clank series, but much better news for anyone going to PAX 2010.

"We're bringing our new game to a very special Penny-Arcade Expo panel on Saturday evening (September 4th), at 6:30pm in the Serpent Theatre," the developer writes. "G4TV's Adam Sessler will moderate a panel with key creative talent from Insomniac Games as we discuss (and demo!) our upcoming PlayStation 3 project."

Could that PlayStation 3 project be Resistance 3, as possibly outed by (of all things) a billboard spotted during the filming of Columbia Pictures' Battle: Los Angeles? Seems like a safe bet.


Insomniac Games is also working on a new franchise set in an all-new universe, one set to be published by EA Partners on multiple platforms. With multiple teams plugging away on multiple projects, Insomniac's dry spell appears to be almost over.