Just out of of a Resistance 2 session with Insomniac boss Ted Price. Showed the game's intro, which picks up where Resistance 1 left off. The sequel features new lighting and new motion capture along with more detailed textures. The game kicks off in Iceland and then by the second level takes players through the streets of San Francisco. Players are joined by three sentinels who help fight and tell the story since the voice over narration from Resistance 1 has been dropped. That should help players learn more about main character Nathan Hale.

"We've really upped the gore," says Price. It's possible to blow off arms, legs and heads. What's more, new weapons include a 44 Magnum, which fires bullets that you can detonate by remote. So, you could fire a buncha bullets in the wall and then detonate them. It's even possible to detonate those bullets that you've shot into Chimera. Instead of a health bar, when players are shoot, the screen goes reddish like Call of Duty. Should make the game much more immersive.


When asked about cross platform PSP remote play, Price said that was something they would not be addressing now. Maybe later? Maybe not? Who knows! Not me.

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