Wasn't it the PSP that was supposed to make gamers feel like they could hold console games in their hands? Here's the upcoming Resident Evil: Revelations played on a Nintendo 3DS. That sure looks like RE4 and RE5.

Resident Evil Revelations is among the first wave of games coming from Capcom for Nintendo's upcoming 3D, motion-sensitive gaming handheld. We first saw the game in trailer form in June. It is one of two RE games slated for the 3DS, the other a remake of or sequel to the Mercenaries score-attack mode seen in recent console editions of the series.

Great work, YouTube user LogicToilet, for uploading these videos of Japanese people playing this 3DS game. I can't speak the language, but I think we all get the gist here.

The 3DS is slated for a February release in Japan. It's coming to the rest of the world after that.


[3DS]Resident Evil: Revelations [YouTube via 8-4's @sprsk]