Resident Evil In Motorcycle Form

If you could condense all of the brutal zombie-killing action of the Resident Evil franchise into one sleek, sexy package and ride it about town, odds are it would look something like this - Capcom's official Resident Evil custom chopper.

The Resident Evil custom chopper is the result of a partnership between Capcom, production company Hollywood Inc, and Frostburg Maryland's own Savage Cycles. Savage will be crafting an extremely limited run of these bikes, which folks like you and me will be able to purchase, possibly after robbing a small bank. The design, which you can see below, includes a number of interesting Resident Evil touches, such as zombie-killing spikes, airsoft weaponry, and cans of healing spray for when things get a bit out of hand with the airsoft guns.

Being a rider himself, Capcom's Chris Kramer is beside himself with glee over the project.

We work on a lot of different, crazy licensed products here at Capcom, but as a rider, this is the one that I am most excited about. Savage will be creating an extremely limited number of these bikes that you'll be able to purchase! This isn't some crazy corporate bike being built for display instead of riding. Instead, this is an awesome piece of Resident Evil merchandise that you can fire up and take out on the open road.


Savage is expecting to finish work on the first bike by early January, though if it continues to feast on the blood of its makers, it could be ready much sooner. Check out the link below for more details on this lovely machine's creation.

Two wheels of awesome: custom Resident Evil Chopper under production! [Capcom Unity]


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