Resident Evil Gets a Complete Reboot With RE6

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With less than a month to go before Resident Evil 5 hits, 1Up is digging into the game to unearth a lot of new information including an interesting interview with the game's producer.

If this short intro to the week-long package can be believed, it sounds like Jun Takeuchi has finally come to the same realization that a lot of gamers have, it's time for the basic framework and mechanics of Resident Evil to get an overhaul.

In what is destined to be the first genuinely epic game of 2009, Resident Evil 5 is practically guaranteed to be the last of its kind, with the game's producer, Jun Takeuchi, assuring us that a reboot is in order for the inevitable Resident Evil 6. That's not to suggest that there's anything wrong with the evil at hand. Quite the opposite; it's awesome fun, and we've beaten the game from beginning to end, and have a week's worth of detailed, insider info for you to enjoy.


While the new footage, preview and "secrets" all sound interesting, what I'm waiting for is the full Takeuchi interview set to hit the site on Wednesday.

Come on Takeuchi, no more zombie pinata.

Resident Evil 5 Blowout [1Up]

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