Resident Evil And Luigi's Mansion Are A Match Made In Nintendo Hell

Illustration for article titled iResident Evil/i And iLuigis Mansion/i Are A Match Made In Nintendo Hell

On today's episode, the part of Chris Redfield will be played by... Luigi? Sure, why not.


Polygonal artist Glenatron—who you might remember from his interactive Metal Gear diorama—has put together another pristine snow globe world for us to explore. This time, it's a fusion of the first Resident Evil and Nintendo's own spooky mansion sim, Luigi's Mansion. The two go remarkably well together, though the lack of Waluigi as Wesker strikes me as a tremendous oversight.


Still, there are tons of little easter eggs littered about, and Luigi makes a better Chris Redfield than Chris Redfield did in Resident Evil 5—even if he does look weeeeeeeeird without a mustache. Daisy's not a bad Jill Valentine, either. I wonder if she's any good at lockpicking. Oh, and Wario's just kinda... around as Barry Burton.

My favorite bit? The chain chomp busting through the window instead of a zombie dog. Perfect. Anyway, have a look around.

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A Bottle of Sunny D

Luigi's Evil.
Biohazard Mansion.
Luigi's Biohazard.
Resident Luigi.

That's all I got. (Biohazard Mansion sounds like a great band name)