Resident Evil 6's Ridiculous $1000 Collector's Edition

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"Premium Edition" bundles often include statues or plastic weaponry. They're a way for fans to feel closer to the game—and a way for publisher to milk extra money from said fans. And boy does Capcom love milking money!


And with this bundle, Capcom is going to milk a lot of it.

The upcoming Premium Edition for survival horror game Resident Evil 6 comes with a copy of the game, four different RE6 branded tablet covers (a Chris version, a Leon version, a Jake version, and a Secret version), and a Leon leather jacket.

An actual replica of Leon's in-game duds, the jacket comes in small, medium, large, and extra large.

The price for this limited edition bundle? A cool ¥105,000 or US$1,293. The bundle is available through Capcom's online site, e-Capcom. But good news, free shipping!

e-Capcom [Official Site via 4Gamer]

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What the hell are these tablet covers for, a way to store your pills or something? Reallyy now??

Also, I'd say a better incentive would be to have a replica of Chris' or Leon's handgun. In a shiny box with velvet cushioning. Made from mahogany. With all the signatures from the devs.

Now that would be worth the $1000 ALONE.

As I see it, the leather jacket is just.... bland. It's not even a memorable looking design nor is the quality guaranteed to be any good.

Seriously, if Capcom is going crazy with the prices, at least make it worth it, especially as a collector's item. Then again, this IS Capcom, so the jacket just might suck and they'll still have the audacity to charge $1000 for it.

Oh, I've seen the quality of Capcom's Collector's Editions before....