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Resident Evil 5 Viral Part Two: The Date

Capcom's second live-action viral ad for Resident Evil 5 explores how killing thousands of zombies over the course of his career has effected the love life of Chris Redfield.

This follow-up to the first Resident Evil live-action viral ad, Ceremony, sees the ever-scruffy Chris Redfield on a date with a lovely lady. Everything is going great, and then the eye close-ups kick in. You know you aren't going to get laid once the eye close-ups start, so you might as well just flashback to some in-game footage while your date runs away. Smart man, that Redfield.


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Wow.. what a reliable date he has.. I hope she ran to get help.

Anyways, can we all basically assume that RE5 is already done, there just advertising to build up sales?

I mean, seriously.. I am going to buy this game. That's just the way it is. >_> If Capcom has it done, they need to just spit it out and be done with it.