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Resident Evil 5 Producer Likes New Controls Better

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In hopes to pleasing all of the people (or at least some of them), Capcom is offering not just one, but two Resident Evil 5 control schemes. RE5 producer Jun Takeuchi confirmed to Kotaku in early September that the game would be getting a new input layout. While we had heard that the new controls would be run-and-gun in the vein of a standard shooter. The new scheme does have shooter layout elements, but it's still run/walk, stop, shoot. The new "action" layout is more streamlined and intuitive for those more familiar with Western-style shooters. And for those more familiar with, say, RE4 controls, the game offers a "standard" layout. The new action layout also lets characters strafe when they move — something that RE players have long been asking for.However, since this is Resident Evil, it's not possible to simultaneously strafe and point and shoot. That makes the addition of strafe in the action controls seem somewhat half-baked. Sure, this is Resident Evil, but the action controls strafe doesn't alter gameplay: Players are still running to an empty corner and shooting and then running to another corner. A shame the action controls don't allow strafing and shooting. Which does Takeuchi prefer? "I like the newer control layout better. But we're offering both layouts for Japanese gamers who prefer the Resident Evil 4-style layout. Some of the hardcore Japanese gamers probably will like the new controls as well." But Takeuchi says that it was necessary to bridge that East-West controller gap. Action control layout below.

Illustration for article titled Resident Evil 5 Producer Likes New Controls Better

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Woah. Those images are of the PS3 control scheme. Does this mean that the PS3 version will be superior to the version meant for the lesser(other) console?