Resident Evil 4 Shambles Onto The iPad

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Resident Evil 4 was great on the GameCube. PS2 as well. On the iPhone, though, it wasn't so great. Could an iPad version be any better?


Part of the reason it sucked was because the iPhone's tiny screen and feeble horsepower neutered much of the game's atmosphere, one of its most important aspects. But the main reason was, like it is for most iPhone games, the butchered touch-screen controls.

This new iPad version looks set to improve upon the first of those points, the bigger, shinier graphics looking light years ahead of its handheld predecessor. But the controls? They'll be the same. Just...bigger. And bigger in this case might not mean better.

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I'm just now playing RE4 for the first time on the pc with some graphical upgrades... it's a really good game, sad that I missed it the first time.