Report: Your Uncharted Movie Nightmares Are Coming True

Uncharted 3 director Justin Richmond got everyone's hopes up last week when he said that, contrary to rumours, Mark Wahlberg had not been cast in the role of Nathan Drake. Don't tell Mark Wahlberg that.


It appears that Richmond's "wait and see" pleading may have been little more than an attempt at calming down the game's irate fanbase over the direction the film is taking, as an interview conducted with Wahlberg on Friday not only apparently confirms that the actor is playing Nathan Drake, but that Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro are also involved in the project.

In addition to that, the star of Boogie Nights and Max Payne says they're "hopefully going to shoot it in the Summer time".

I appreciate that, as a senior member of Uncharted game developers Naughty Dog, Richmond has some knowledge of the film project. But I'd wager the lead actor probably has more.

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