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Report: Video Gaming Interrupted by Sadistic Sisters. Cruelty Ensues.

Illustration for article titled Report: Video Gaming Interrupted by Sadistic Sisters. Cruelty Ensues.

It started out as any other fall afternoon. High school student "Joseph" was in his room playing video games when he got a call from Amanda Johnson, 17, to come over to her house.


Joseph's last name is being withheld to protect his privacy, because as Wisconsin's St. Croix County Sheriff's Office stated, what happened to him is "shocking at best".

The Huffington Post reported that after inviting him to her house, Johnson and her 24 year-old sister Valerie Bartkey, a nursing assistant according to Facebook, apparently forced Joseph to drink their urine and then twisted his penis with pliers after he refused to have intercourse with Bartkey.


"This young man has some vulnerabilities and, beside taking advantage of him, I don't think there was any other motive to it than making fun [of him]," Lt. Cathy Borgschatz told The Huffington Post.

The sisters and some friends apparently started smoking pot, Joseph declined to partake. At first there were jokes about punching Joseph, but the violence turned real, with the sisters and another male friend stomping and kicking him. Joseph broke free, but his shoes were thrown in the toilet.

Joseph made his way to the porch, where Bartkey supposedly gave him a drink that she said was like lemonade. Joseph drank it, later remarking it tasted "kinda like beer". Joseph was then told he just drank the girls' urine.

According to The Huffington Post, a witness later told authorities that Joseph was later seen naked in a bedroom and "heard the girls tell him to show them his penis and to bend over and show them his asshole." Bartkey's 4-year-old daughter was apparently crying in the next room.


"Joseph said that Valerie told him she was pregnant and wanted to have twins," the police report stated. "Joseph said that Valerie wanted him to 'do the other part' and have sex with her so she could have two babies. Joseph said that Amanda was present while Valerie took her clothes off."

Joseph then apparently refused to have intercourse with the woman, causing her to pull on his penis with pliers. "Joseph said that he didn't have an erection but Valerie wanted him to have one so she pulled on and twisted his penis with the pliers," the report continued. "Joseph told Investigator Hart that Amanda was there as well and kept calling him a 'bitch.'"


When asked to describe the level of pain on a scale of one to ten, Joseph told authorities it was a ten.

The owner of the home, who is only described as AJK in the police report, entered the room, discovering the scene and told Joseph to go home. His grandmother then called the paramedics and police. Later, Johnson apparently called Joseph and threatened him for going to the police.


Both sisters are slated to appear in court this April. According to The Huffington Post, if they are convicted, they could face a 40-year prison sentence.

Amanda Johnson, Valerie Bartkey Allegedly Sexually Assaulted High School Student With Pliers [The Huffington Post]


(Top photo: St. Croix County)

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Dear Mr Ashcraft,

I love reading some of your articles, as I find that you have insight on things pertaining to video games. I'm curious as to how an article that has nothing to do with video games (other than the fact that someone touched them at some point during the day in question) made it onto this site.

I was halfway through the article before I realized that I had no idea what this had to do with video games, so I started skimming. It is sad that people allow situations like this to happen, but wouldn't it make more sense for it to belong on a different facet of gawker?

I want my kotaku to be about games and the community that has built up here, please make news... gamey!