In years past, gamers poured over instructional manuals. The booklets gave a story synopsis, tips, and a rundown on how to play the game. Recently, the manuals have gotten skimpier and skimpier. For PS Vita, the manual vanished. Poof!

Japanese website IT Media got its hands on PS Vita packaging a day before the new portable launches in Japan. According to the site, the package is about the same size as 3DS game packaging.

IT Media reported that the PS Vita is doing away with instruction manuals in favor of digital manuals, which can be accessed in-game. This not only saves paper and is good for the environment, but it makes sense.

The portable apparently does come with a one-sheet that explains how to use the PS Vita card itself.

IT Media also did a size comparison, showing how big (how small?) the PS Vita's game card is.


If you were wondering why the case featured in the article does not have a game cover, IT Media appears to be reluctant to show what game it has. The site also blacked out the game logo on the actual PS Vita card.

紙の説明書は廃止・・・ [PS Vita]