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Report: The Next PlayStation Will Record Gameplay And Let You Share It Online

Illustration for article titled Report: The Next PlayStation Will Record Gameplay And Let You Share It Online

In the wake of news that Sony will announce the next PlayStation on February 20, rumors and reports are starting to circulate as journalists report everything they've learned about the PlayStation 4, code-named Orbis.


Here's an interesting report from Edge, who say they've learned the PS4 will be out later this year for the U.S. and Japan (and in early 2014 for Europe). They also say the PS4's controller comes with a touchpad where the start and select buttons should be, and that there's a new "Share" button, which will let you share screenshots and videos online.


This matches up with much of what we reported last week ago about the PS4. We knew there would be a Share button, but we didn't know what it would do. This new report helps shed some light on that.

According to Edge, the PS4 will inherently record and save "the most recent 15 minutes of onscreen action," which you can then edit and share using the console's sharing function. Edge also says Orbis will be more powerful than Microsoft's next console, codenamed Durango, at least on paper.

PlayStation 4 Revealed [Edge]

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Built-in touchpad? Easy upload of and sharing of screenshots from the controller?

Damn, Sony hasn't even announced the PS4 yet and they're already ripping off Nintendo. :-p