Report: Sony To Put 3D Hardware Inside The PS3

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According to a Sony rep speaking with Cnet, "over the following two or three years" Sony will begin installing hardware inside the PS3 that will enable the console to display games in 3D.


Now, before we go any further, this information was supplied to Cnet by a Sony rep at the recent IAF consumer electronics show in Berlin. The same IAF where Sony reps haven't exactly had the best track record for accurate statements. So this may turn out to be total bullshit.

But just in case it's not, here's the deal: next year, Sony will release a line of 3D-capable Bravia TVs designed to be compatible with the PlayStation 3. Which means, in theory, all PS3 games could run in 3D, provided you have that TV.

Sounds great, but remember, it's the same claim Sony later backed down from.

More interesting is the report that in 2011-12, similar technology will be installed inside the PlayStation 3 itself, meaning - in theory, at least - you could get games running in stereoscopic on other TV sets, not just specially-equipped Bravias.

Which would be awesome, but seeing as previous reports from IAF were so loose on facts, we've pinged Sony for comment, and will update if/when we hear back.

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While 3D seems like a nice novelty, I really don't think it would add much to my game experience. IMO it won't make Valkyria Chronicles any more beautiful or Haze any more playable. If anything, it would just make me dizzy.