Report: Sir Richard Branson Gets Back Into Video Games

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Virgin, the company owned and run by British gazillionaire Sir Richard Branson, will soon be getting back into the video game business, according to a report on trade site MCV.


Branson will apparently use E3 as a springboard to reveal his plans for an online-only games service that spans "the leading console formats and feature the most popular games on the market". Ambitious! But then, for a guy who tries to fly around the world in a balloon in his spare time, we wouldn't have it any other way.

Details on just what this service is, or how it's going to work (or whether this is the same thing he was trying to get off the ground three years ago) are non-existent at the moment, but given how everything else Branson touches seems to turn to gold, whatever it is, it'll be worth a look.


Branson back in games [MCV]

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...Virgin? Not the same Virgin that, if I recall correctly, tried to release the insanely violent and hyper-controversial "Thrill Kill" about ten years ago on the PlayStation?