Illustration for article titled Report: emSimCity/em Needs Your Internet the Whole Time Youre Playing

Maxis and EA's upcoming SimCity game looks pretty cool, but Joystiq is reporting that the game will require an internet connection to play.


Lead designer Stone Librande told the publication that regardless of where the game was bought, people playing the game will need to be connected to EA's Origin service to play the game. That does mean that the game won't be for sale exclusively through Origin, which is nice. But it also means that SimCity will feature "always on" DRM that, well, sucks.


I've got a note out to EA asking for official confirmation, but they've apparently confirmed to Gamespy that if your internet connection drops while you're playing, you will not be kicked from the game.

John Walker at Rock, Paper Shotgun suggests getting in touch with EA to make them change this aspect of the game. Worth a shot, anyway. Hey, if gamers can get the ending to Mass Effect 3 changed, maybe there's hope for getting rid of always-on DRM!

Personally, I think it's time to consider a frontal cupcake attack.

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